Welcome to Lochdale

Welcome to Lochdale Community School. Lochdale has a long history of serving the school community through the last number of decades. We are the first community school in our district. We are proud to offer a safe and caring learning community for our students. Our school community is a diverse one with many cultural and social activities before, during and after school. There are a host of athletic, fine-arts, literacy, and social responsibility opportunities at the school. We have added a beautiful garden completely run by our parent community. Come visit us anytime.

At Lochdale Community School we are part of our local community. We believe in community involvement by everyone. Parents and community members are vital parts of our children’s education. Parents are always welcome in the school at the community office. Feel free to drop by the community office and introduce yourself to any of our staff. There are many opportunities for parent involvement at Lochdale. From volunteering in classroom activities to our parent Tea Conversations every Friday you will find many opportunities.

Parental involvement is a key element for children’s success in school. It is very¬†important to foster relationships between parents, the school, and the community. We encourage you to be involved with your child’s education, whether by volunteering in the school, by assisting with special events and field trips, or by monitoring your child’s work and showing an interest in what s/he is learning. Together, our partnership will enable your child’s successes.

Please feel free to call me at the school or email me at: dino.klarich@sd41.bc.ca


Dino Klarich